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Celebrate Hengrong's new official website completed !

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In this ever-changing and rapidly changing information era, in order to expand Hengrong machinery in the industry and outside the brand influence, and further play the company's website to promote external publicity efforts to enhance the user experience and better serve the majority of users, with the strong support of the company's leadership , The relevant department staff work together under the careful planning preparation and design, and finally completed a new revision of Hengrong Machinery official website, the new website officially launched on November 3, 2017! The new website URL: /

The new revision, the main combination of Hengrong machinery brand image and positioning mode of operation, respectively, Hengrong website interface, templates, functional modules, such as a more comprehensive improvements and settings, and strive to be more reasonable and better service to users, To provide our clients with better technical services and experience.

Major features of the revision shows several :

First, the site finishing part of the planning, color matching, neat and tidy, more clear Hengrong positioning, product services more clarity.

Second, optimize and adjust the layout of the entire website page, the structure is clear, the content is rich, the visual effect is fresh, make the website concise, more in line with the majority of user experience.

Third, pay more attention to the development trend of the Internet, further highlighting the characteristics of Hengrong, highlighting the distinctive Hengrong cultural features in page color matching and column icons, and further highlighting the website's release of Hengrong Information through information collection and special topics Authority, timeliness and interactivity, further highlights the Hengrong mechanical network in the Internet world, as the company's promotion platform, information platform, cultural display platform and public service platform, the main channel and the main front position for Hengrong machinery better Faster development to provide media support and advocacy services.

Hope that the new website can bring you a better experience, and hope you browse the site left valuable advice, we will be open-minded, timely rectification, and strive to make the site more perfect, and better meet your experience!

Value of the official website of the company on the occasion of the new revision, Hengrong Machinery wish your new and old customers in the wish of everything, wealth! Work smoothly, a successful career!

New image, new experience, more exciting, looking forward to your visit!
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